Today I did 80 fun minutes on the cross trainer, jogged back from the gym (wearing a rucksack = a good excuse for being slow) and went for another impromptu jog this evening. I don’t know why I just needed to go running.


Being overtaken

Today was a good jog, I felt fitter and faster, as I was thinking this I was overtaken by another jogger, but that’s by the by.

Feeling faster after 6 days is pretty good in my books.


Sunny frosty morning jog

A beautiful, sunny clear morning for a jog.

So far:

Jogging has been much easier when not hungover.

Jogging will (hopefully) be easier still as I get fitter.

One advantage of being unfit is stopping “to read the visitor signs” around Arthur’s seat. I now know to look out for brown hares and other plant and animal species (whose names I’ve forgotten.)

I think the hares are not actually in Holyrood park but somewhere nearby? So I’ll jog there when I get fitter, I’d love to see boxing hares in spring.

“Hill training”

I decided to try a new jogging route around Arthur’s seat (the same distance as the usual) since I saw a jogger  pushing a pram setting off at the same time, and as much respect as I had for him, I did not want to be outpaced by someone pushing a pram.

Arthur’s seat is a fantastic place to jog photos to follow. Really looking forward to getting fitter so I can go off and explore more of Edinburgh.

Got my heart rate up to 190 running up the hills, and although it was only a 25 minute jog I now crumple into a heap attempting to walk up or down stairs. Must mean good things right?

What better way to start the new year than with a hungover jog?

I just can’t refuse a competition so I dragged myself out of bed for a 2.5km run (waddle) by Arthur’s seat.  I loved seeing part of Edinburgh at a slower pace than cycling, and what an incentive to get fit. Cycling’s far too easy to cruise along below a training HR, only a 2.5km run on both days but this is the start of great things to come (haha).

Getting started

I have a new way to procrastinate a running blog.

The plan is to get as fit as possible in the next nine days to prepare me for the Janathon challenge ( http://www.janathon.com/index.html )


Today I started with 2 hours 30 minutes on the cross trainer, it wasn’t fun but I want to get fit fast.